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7 December 2017

flows of food

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7 December 2017


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7 December 2017


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About the FoodCouncil MRA

We want to make a difference by sharing and making innovative partnerships. We will look closely into the regional food system in order to find questions to the urgent issues related to food in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam that have social and economic impacts. A Food Council is a collaboration of private parties, educational institutes, government and civic society.

Following the example of successful food councils in other metropolitan regions worldwide, the Food Council MRA will connect people, explore potential and talents in the regional food system and promote cooperation on sustainable solutions to the regional problems.

Issues related to food are not a problem on their own. The challenge is to find a way to connect the right parties, finding the right link between demand and supply, between dreams and implementation .

Notice you cannot make a real difference on your own. To create the greatest change, we need coordinate activities and work together.

Flows of food